Wood Care Guide


These detailed instructions are the best way we have found to prolong the beauty and life of your wooden treasures.


1. Wash the butcher block to remove food particles and oils, using hot, soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly, using clean water.


2. Spray the butcher block with white vinegar.


3. Mix 1/4 cup table salt with enough lemon juice to make a paste. Apply the paste to the wood, using a soft-bristle scrub brush. The paste will remove food odors and lift stains.


4. Rinse the wood thoroughly with hot water. Allow the butcher block to dry overnight.


5. Pour a small amount of Wood Lube Wood Protectant onto the butcher block. Rub it into the wood in the direction of the woodgrain, using a clean, soft cloth.


6. Allow the Wood Lube Wood Protectant to soak into the butcher block for four to six hours. Apply a second coat of Wood Lube Wood Protectant


7. Continue to apply Wood Lube Wood Protectant onto the wood until it won’t absorb any more oil. Wait for the oil to fully penetrate the wood between each coat.


8. Wipe away excess oil, using a dry cloth. Allow the wood to dry completely.