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Brew Lovers

Home brewing and craft consumption have become so popular in recent years that we've created a gift category devoted specifically for them!

Growlers are a popular take away method for craft brews. Our steel, double walled growler comes in a 64 oz size and features a tethered screw top lid that insures your beverage will stay sealed and remain fresh. The tether is also cleverly designed to double as a durable grip strap. Customize the matte black coating with any of our great art templates or use your own art or logos. We provide a generous imprint area that looks fantastic on the black coating.

  • Growlers come in 64 oz. size with matte black coating

Bottle Armor is brilliantly designed to hold most beer bottles. Stainless steel construction provides for a durable product with a high perceived value. Bottles are inserted via a screw off bottom, and securely held inside with a neoprene liner to keep your brew COLD! The cap screws on to seal the bottle against spills, yet is easily removable for continued sipping. A bottle opener is included and a carabiner can be added for an additional fee so the product can be attached to a belt loop.

  • Available colors are black, white, aqua, and coming soon, hot pink.

Beer Tasting Flight Paddles are a popular way to sample four different varieties. Our flights come in Oak and Walnut and feature feet affixed to the bottom to keep the product stable to prevent spills. Four 3 oz. routs comfortably hold 3 oz. glasses which are included with the flight board. Customize this product on the paddle handle with any of our custom or stock art temples, or use your art or logos, if you'd like.

  • Product size is 4 x 14 x.75 inches.
  • Beer Tasting Flight available in Oak or Walnut